Research and Survey Findings


NALA National Utilization & Compensation Survey
About every 2 years, NALA conducts a national survey of paralegals. Paralegals invited to participate in this survey include members of NALA, non-members, and members of NALA affiliated associations. This inside look into the paralegal profession has produced some interesting and valuable data through the years. The survey analysis includes reviews of current findings in comparison with findings of previous surveys. Economic data is presented in terms of such factors as the size of the city, size of the firm, educational backgrounds, years of experience, and specialty area of practice.

Members can access the 2020 survey results by logging in to their NALA Account and purchasing the Utilization & Compensation Survey at no cost. Non-members need to log in to purchase the report. If you don't have an account you will need to create one.

2020 Summary of findings or Report:

Job Analysis
The latest nationwide study of paralegal duties was conducted by NALA and results reported in the Job Analysis released in December 2016. This report provides detailed information about on-the-job duties and responsibilities of paralegals, and the skills needed to perform their work. Survey findings are utilized by the NALA Certifying Board to ensure the Certified Paralegal examination focuses on the skills and knowledge required of working paralegals in today’s environment. The job analysis study is conducted approximately every 6 years.

Wolters Kluwer x NALA
NALA and Wolters Kluwer have collaborated in a study aimed at exploring how corporate paralegals and corporate legal departments select, roll out, and leverage contract management solutions.  
Legal Department Adoption of Contract Management Solutions: Perspectives From Corporate Paralegals