Resources for Affiliated Associations

If you are an officer of a NALA Affiliated Association, this is an important page for you. This page includes links to forms and information needed to support the affiliation of your association with NALA. 

Affiliated Associations-Only Resources
The Affiliated Associations-Only area for Affiliated Association officers on the NALA website.  Click here to receive access to the Affiliated Associations-Only area.  Please be sure to include the name of your association in the request.   This is a valuable resource for ideas on working with bar associations, membership services and other programs your Association may be considering. The website includes the NALA Liaison Guidelines, a list of important dates for your reference, the Affiliate Exchange and Affiliate Award application forms, and the annual reports submitted for Affiliated Associations Annual Meetings.  

Affiliation Fee Renewal
Please view the FAQ page for instructions on how to renew your association's membership. 

Affiliate Liaisons
If you need more information, please feel free to contact Patrice Pratt, NALA's Affiliate and Education Outreach Coordinator

Annual Meeting Information


Purpose: To recognize members or committees of affiliated associations for their contribution to the goals and programs of their NALA affiliated association. 

Eligibility for Nomination: A member of an Affiliated Association in good standing (current NALA Board and committee members are eligible).

  • Who can nominate: NALA Affiliated Association in good standing may designate one recipient each year
  • Deadline to submit a nomination: May 1
  • Award benefits: Recognition during Affiliated Association Annual Meeting at Conference.

Submit your nomination for the 2021 NALA Affiliate Award here: 2021 NALA Affiliate Award Online Nomination Form

  • Deadline for Awards:  May 1, 2021
  • Click here for a list of all Affiliated Associations Award recipients since 1995
  • Click here for the list of 2020 Affiliated Associations Award recipients.


To recognize the achievements and contributions of an individual affiliate member, a committee of an affiliated association, or of an affiliated association itself which have a national and long-lasting impact.

Award Benefits Include:

  • Recognition during Annual Membership Meeting at Conference
  • Travel expenses paid by NALA - per diem (2 days), 1-night hotel, round-trip airfare, and Day 1 registration fee. 

Criteria for Selection

  • Achievement or contribution must have a national and long‐lasting impact 
  • Nominee must have played a significant part in creating, developing, and/or promoting an important and distinctive program that positively impacts NALA or the paralegal profession on a nationwide basis for a minimum of three years
  • Develops or participates in a community service program that results in a positive public image for the paralegal profession on a national basis 
  • Contributes to paralegal education such as publishing a book
  • Develops a nationally-recognized professional development or career enhancement program

Eligibility for Nomination
Affiliate member, Affiliate committee, or Affiliate Association in good standing (current NALA Board and committee members not eligible)

Who can nominate?
NALA Active type member or NALA Affiliated Association in good standing may submit one nomination per year. This is not an automatic nomination from Affiliates Award - it must be a separate nomination with a separate nomination form.

Nomination Deadline
April 1, 2021



2021 Affiliate Showcase Information & Registration Form

  • Deadline for Registration: May 1, 2021

2021 Affiliate Exchange Application Form 

  • Deadline for Exchange Applications: December 31, 2020
  • Click here for a list of all Affiliated Association Exchange presentations since 1999.

2020 Affiliate Annual Meeting Minutes

Complimentary Education
Members of NALA Affiliates have access to the following courses for free.