NALA Committees

2021-2022 Committee Members

Certifying Board

Mission Statement

The NALA Certifying Board is committed to setting, improving, and evolving the professional certification standards by which paralegals demonstrate exceptional knowledge, skills, and integrity.

Members:  Kimberly A.S. Brown, ACP (Past Chair); Cathy L. Davis, ACP; Jennifer Devine, ACP; Tammy Manning Dickerson, CP; Torii Ransome Freeman, JD (Public Member); Donna W. Gilliland, ACP; Kye W. Haymore, JD; Jaye Koch, ACP; Tracy Landry, ACP; Nanci Lilja, ACP; Christine K. Lillo, ACP; Tracie L. Livesay, ACP; Shannon Moran Simler; Carl Morrison, ACP; Tom Pokladowski, JD; Lisa M. Stone, ACP (Chair)

Continuing Education Council (CEC)

  • Planning conference education sessions
  • Developing, coordinating, and facilitating continuing education programs and certification review courses
  • Producing Facts & Findings

Members: Lucinda L. Calhoun; Sheila A. Grela, ACP; Eva M. Merrell, ACP; Alicia R. Mitchell-Mercer, ACP (Chair); Korinne R. Morris, ACP; Deborah M. Paul, CP (Past Chair); Laura B. Reaves, CP; Shannon C. Rezanina, ACP; Desire D. Smith, CP; Jackie A. Van Dyke, CP; Deana M. Waters, ACP

Ethics Committee

Members: Caroline C. Wilkerson, ACP (Chair)

Professional Development Committee (PDC)

  • Maintain Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Maintain Model Standards and Guidelines for Utilization of Paralegals
  • Provide articles for Facts & Findings
  • Oversee the research and publishing of the National Utilization and Compensation Survey
  • Keeping up to date on activities affecting the paralegal profession
  • Oversee the development of professional development courses

Members: Kristine Custodio Suero, ACP; Kelly S. Elder, ACP; Jennifer R. Finch, ACP; Kaila L. Glaros, ACP; Melissa Klimpel, ACP (Chair); Airolyn T. Loggins, ACP; Debby J. Sawyer, ACP; Caroline C. Wilkerson, ACP (Ethics Chair)